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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians of I.S. 5 Students, Returning and New!

I hope this letter finds you well and that the summer has been beautiful and rewarding for you and your families!

We are very excited to welcome your child to the 2023-2024 school year at I.S. 5. On behalf of our school community, I want to celebrate the start of a fresh, new year that we promise will inspire scholarship, expertise, innovation and leadership in your child. We believe our work in partnership with you will lift all of our students to their greatness and will make for an amazing journey together this school year.

The first day of school for all students is Thursday, September 7, 2023. As we prepare for a powerful, memorable and safe year together, please see below important notes about our opening days and overall expectations for all students:
  • The school day begins promptly at 8:10 am.
  • Breakfast is available daily in our large cafeteria beginning at 7:40 am. Once a student enters the building for breakfast or morning activity, they may not leave.
  • Students will enter the building daily through their assigned community door. A flag in the color of the community will be posted as a quick visual for entry. The community colors are as follows:
            • Community of Scholars: Blue
            • Community of Experts: Red
            • Community of Innovators: Green
            • Community of Leaders: Purple
  • During morning entry, your child will be greeted by their Community Team (Assistant Principal, School Counselor & Dean).
  • Cellphones are to be away and silenced/off upon entry into the school building. The I.S. 5 Cellphone Policy follows the NYC DOE Chancellor’s Regulation and will be sent home on the first day for signatures to be kept on file at the building..
  • We are working to assign lockers to our students. Please anticipate a locker assignment by early to mid-October, especially as the weather begins to change and jackets/hoodies/cold weather accessories need to be stored.
  • Students MUST wear their I.S. 5 identification card and lanyard every day, throughout the day. Safety is our number one priority and promise, and compliance to safety rules around identification cards throughout the school day by all students is essential. New students and those who require replacement identification cards we receive them in the first days of the school year.
  • Students will not be changing for physical education periods. On the day of physical education in your child’s schedule, we require that they be “P.E. ready” as best as possible to ensure the safety of your child during their participation in movement, sport and wellness.
The information above, along with news, announcement and further details about our school, transportation/busing, supply lists and overall school year can be found on our school website is5q.org. Our website can be easily translated by navigating the Google translate drop down at the top of the main page. Also, I.S. 5 students and guardians are strongly encouraged and welcome to sign up for our I.S. 5 Newsletter and Alerts via the quick and easy form found on the is5q.org main page on the left side of the screen. 
We at, I.S. 5, bring our school’s vision to life each day: To Talk Like Scholars, Write Like Experts, Think Like Innovators and Live Like Leaders. Our school’s vision is a promise we make to our parents and families each day, and believe that, when tended to with integrity, fidelity and heart, that we serve our students well and make due on our commitment. We look forward to bringing our school’s vision to life, providing a warm, welcoming and supportive environment in which students are cared deeply for and can grow and thrive as their best selves. We are dedicated to staying true to our daily promise and working hand in hand with you to make it happen! We are here for our students - and also for our families.
Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, big or small. Please feel free to contact your child’s community team at 718-205-6788 or reach out to our parent coordinator, Ms. Licette Galicia at [email protected].  Best wishes for an amazing year together!
Be well and take great care! 
Kelly Nepogoda
Principal, The Walter H. Crowley School of Leadership at I.S. 5