Summer Rising Information Session

Middle School Parents – Summer Rising Information Session

When: Friday, 4/28/23, at 630 PM
Summer Rising has added innovative programs to its enrichment portfolio for middle school grades.

These programs aim to provide the following:

Exploring Futures: Middle school sites will develop or add career-connected extensions in the form of
Career Exploration Programming and/or Career Exposure Events such as: Career Connected Trips,
Career Panels & High School Connections.
ESports/Gaming: Minecraft Education Minecraft Education Edition is a game-based learning
interactive tool that can be used in grades K-12. Minecraft Education has features built specifically for
learning environments to support collaboration, assessment, coding, and more.
Coding: Students can learn coding basics using Scratch and CS First easy to use computer science
Mindful Mondays: Every Monday students can engage in a weekly unit to help explore mindfulness
practices to support holistic growth and development
Project Based Learning (PBL) & Career Connected Learning Opportunities: Schools will have options
for selecting high quality PBL units along with career connected learning & financial literacy resources
Please register for Summer Rising at the following website: